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Sitemap of Sections

Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.

Find green business solutions

Business Energy Solutions
Business energy solutions span the gamut from energy efficiency, to transportation optimization to reuse of waste materials and even reclaiming heat for process optimization. Learn how to improve productivity and save money with green solutions.

Personal Energy Solutions
Personal Energy Solutions include heating, cooling and cooking for body temperature, residential comfort and affordability, as well as career impacts of energy such as shortages, alternative energy market development and compliance regulations on pollution, carbon and peak load management.
Home Energy Solutions
Home energy solutions start with behaviors -- like turning off lights and air conditioning when not in use. They continue with proper insulation, reduced irrigation and living near your work -- and carpooling. The list goes on for ways to solve your energy costs and waste problems. We help you find practical solutions and ways to implement them1
Retail Energy Solutions
Retail businesses such as merchants, restaurants and office buildings face unique energy challenges such as separation of ownership and tenant responsibilities, high lighting costs, and insurance challenges. We help you find alternative energy solutions from behaviors to LEDs to incentive programs for energy efficiency.
Industrial Energy Solutions
Industrial energy solutions are complex and leveragable - so they provide high value and often, short payback periods and higher ROI than other investments. We help you balance behaviors, technology, market opportunities, process optimization and regulatory incentives and risk management.
Transportation Fuel & Energy Solutions
Transportation fuel & energy solutions affect supply chain choices, alternative fuel and energy choices, and route optimization and behavior training for effective driving and delivery systems. We seek out solutions for your business and operational improvement.
Biodiesel Fuel
Biodiesel fuel is made from plant and animal matter - usually waste, and turned into diesel, considered the most efficient of the carbon based fuels.
Solar Energy
Solar energy includes a variety of conversion from sunlight into energy, heat, or industrial processes. From passive solar to concentrated solar power generation, sunlight holds tremendous potential for low pollution energy generation.
Natural Gas Fuel
Natural gas fuel has advantages as a transition fuel for vehicles and heavy equipment.
E85 Ethanol Fuel
E85 Ethanol Fuel is a mixture of ethanol with gasoline to accommodate changing engines. Check with your regional suppliers for specifications.
Hybrid Fuel/Energy
Hybrid Fuel and Energy vehicles have dual systems that use liquid fuel such as gasoline or ethanol and electricity.
Electric Energy
Electric energy for vehicles can come from hybrid-type designs that capture energy from brakes, etc -- and from plug-in vehicles that tap the grid, or solar panels that generate energy for storage in a battery.
ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicles
ZEV Zero Emissions Vehicles are designed to reduce air quality degradation and pollution including greenhouse gases, particulates and also reduce dependence on petroleum fuels.
Hydrogen Energy
Hydrogen Energy production and use is an emerging clean technology that promises reduced climate change emissions and air pollution. It currently uses natural gas as a feedstock but other options are being developed.
Solar Thermal Energy
Solar thermal energy has developed industry scale solar fields to generate multiple megawatts of electricity, and small scale solar thermal is used mostly for hot water systems
Soar PV Photovoltaic Energy
Solar PV - Photovoltaic Energy is one of the top alternative energy industries with systems scaled for home, commercial and utility installations.
Passive Solar Energy
Passive solar energy has been used since the sun started shining! Plants use passive solar energy. Animals, the weather systems... and some smart people optimize passive solar techniques such as shade and window systems to light, heat and cool buildings. Passive solar is the most cost effective, most reliable use of sunshine!
Biogasoline Fuel
BioFuel can be produced from Algae. Often called Algae Oil, Algae Fuel or Oilgae, this clean tech fuel is a third generation bio-fuel produced from Algae.
Wind Power/Wind Energy
Wind Power/Wind Energy is renewable energy generated by a wind generator, wind turbine, wind turbine generator (WTG), wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator.
Gas Energy
Natural gas — which consists mostly of methane — has become increasingly popular as a fuel for power generation.
Green Jobs in Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
Green jobs in energy efficiency & renewable energy can be technical, communications and outreach, sales, administrative, or compliance-related. Green jobs in energy is one of the fastest growing job sectors.
Fuel Savings for Transportation & Equipment
Fuel savings for transportation & equipment starts with reducing mileage through route optimization and quality maintenance, and continues with new technologies. We help you find fuel saving strategies.
Diesel Fuel Innovations for Cleaner Solutions
Diesel fuel innovations for cleaner solutions include filtration, maintenance and better driver performance such as shutting off the engine when not in use. We help you discover cost and fuel saving solutions.
Clean Tech Energy
Clean Tech Energy includes not only fuels and electricity from renewable sources, but energy efficiency strategies, excellent management and reduced mileage.
Tidal Turbine Energy
Tidal power, also called tidal energy, is a form of hydropower that converts the energy of tides into electricity or other useful forms of power.
Hydropower Energy
Hydropower uses water to power machinery or make electricity. And since the water is not reduced or used up in the process and employs an endless, constantly recharging system, hydropower is considered a renewable energy.
Ocean Energy Sources
Ocean energy research, development and demonstration through international co-operation and information exchange, leading to the deployment and commercialisation of sustainable, efficient, reliable, cost-competitive and environmentally sound ocean energy technologies.
Instream Hydrokinetic Energy
Hydrokinetic devices are powered by moving water and are different from traditional hydropower turbines in that they are placed directly in a river, ocean or tidal current. They generate power only from the kinetic energy of moving water (current).
River Energy Sources
River Energy Sources include Micro-hydropower sites on private and public land in communities with rivers and flowing water that provide viable sites for micro-hydropower generation.
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal power (from the Greek roots geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat) is power extracted from heat stored in the earth. This geothermal energy originates from the original formation of the planet, from radioactive decay of minerals, and from solar energy absorbed at the surface.
Distributed Energy Grid
Distributed Energy Grids include renewable energy generation at homes, offices and citywide facilities. The grid of wires or pipes required to take energy from the point of generation to the point of use is a critical link in renewable energy commercialization.
Hybrid plug-in vehicles
Hybrid plug-in vehicles are part of the "advanced automotive" technology being developed to reduce fossil fuel emissions that cause respiratory diseases such as asthma, and even heart disease.
Consumer Energy Programs
Consumer energy programs combine incentives, rebates and infrastructure access to replace dirty energy with clean, renewable energies such as solar, wind, geothermal and even energy efficiency - the cleanest of all!
Conservation of Energy | Energy Efficiency
Conservation of energy or energy efficiency is the most cost effective of all "renewable energy" solutions. What is NOT used is saved. Many operations can be converted to manual or behavioral "no tech" solutions. We help you find practical, cost saving solutions.
Compressed Air Energy
Compressed air is air which is kept under a certain pressure, usually greater than that of the atmosphere. In Europe 10 % of all electricity used by industry is used to produce compressed air.
Green Crude
Algae, sunlight, carbon dioxide and non-potable water are used to make "green crude" fuel.
Algae Biofuel
Algae is an ancient source of oil reserves, and is being tapped to produce Biofuel known as green crude.
Turbine Manufacturing
Wind turbines are called a wind generator, wind turbine, wind turbine generator (WTG), wind power unit (WPU), wind energy converter (WEC), or aerogenerator.
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Energy Conservation
Energy conservation includes energy efficiency, renewable energy replacement for fossil fuels, behavior changes and technology such as sensors to automatically monitor and control energy waste.
Renewable Energy Infrastructure
Infrastructure is the shared distribution system of electricity, water, highways, fuel and gasoline... even education and taxes that support our shared capital. Smart infrastructure makes us economically competitive, saves individual costs and supports business and economic development. We help job seekers, small businesses and communities find practical infrastructure solutions.
Biorenewable Energy Resources
Biorenewable energy resources include plants and animal wastes, as well as new sources of bio-based, renewable energy such as algae.
Biofuel production, generation, efficiency and commercialization are part of the new economy of greener, more sustainable systems. Biofuel also affects systems such as water sources, agriculture, wildlands management and soil quality...
Algae is one of the biofuels expected to supplement transportation fuels with biorenewable fuel manufacturing
Finance, Investments, Loans, Grants
Finance, Investments, Loans, and Grants provide organizations with the green to create green!
Wind Power
Wind Power and wind energy generation are among the fastest growing renewable energy sources being commercialized for production of electricity. We bring options for homeowners, small business and communities to your attention.
Sensors and Controllers
Sensors and controllers offering thousands of solutions in the various fields of industrial automation to monitor and control energy use as well as related resources.
EVs - Electric Vehicles
EVs - Electric Vehicles have been in development for decades, but 2010 is begins the commercialization trajectory of this new age in transportation in cars, trucks, trains and even ships.
Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV), also known as plug-in hybrids, are hybrid vehicles with rechargeable batteries that can be restored to full charge by connecting a plug to an external electric power source.
EV Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicles - EVs include electric cars, trucks, trains, ships and industrial vehicles of all sorts. EV transportation is seen as one of the major trends in moving people and goods.
Geothermal Energy
Geothermal energy, heating and cooling can be as simple as a residential heat pump, or as utility-scale as wells as deep as oil wells.
Carbon Sequestratioin
Carbon sequestration is defined as the process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and depositing it in a reservoir. Carbon capture and storage (CCS), alternatively referred to as Carbon capture and sequestration, is a means of mitigating the contribution of fossil fuel emissions to global warming.
Carbon tax - Cap & Trade
A carbon tax is an environmental tax that is levied on the carbon content of energy and fuels. A carbon tax can levy taxes on the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum products such as gasoline in proportion to their carbon content.
Energy Infrastructure
Energy infrastructure includes sourcing raw feedstock, the refined production of energy, delivery to the end user, productive use of the energy and managing the waste or byproducts of energy use.
EV Charging stations
EV Charging stations are energy infrastructure for the growing fleet of electric vehicles that must be recharged at stations that vary from home-based plugs to parking lot and commercial networks of electricity recharging stations.
Smart Grid
Smart Grid infrastructure embeds information in energy production, distribution and use by monitoring and tracking energy as it moves from generation to use in buildings, lighting, transportation, etc.
Biomass Energy Generation
Biomass energy generation can help reduce waste in landfills, but can also reduce organic matter that improves fertility of soil for agriculture and natural systems. We bring you insights into today's biomass solutions.
Hydrogen Energy Sources
Hydrogen Energy Sources are projected as the next significant renewable resource, but today, hydrogen is in pre-commercialization stage. We keep pace with hydrogen news you need for renewable energy generation and energy efficiency.
Solar as Renewable Energy Source
Solar is considered the most abundant renewable energy source on earth, with an abundant, free supply from the sun on a daily basis. But using solar can be no tech, low tech, or high tech -- we help you find practical solar solutions.
Advanced Fossil Energy Coal
Advanced Fossil Energy Coal carries a lot of hope -- and a lot of controversy about the possibilities and wisdom of developing due to emissions, global climate change and associated health and environmental risks.
Carbon Sequestration
Carbon Sequestration is the technique of leaving fossil fuels and other sources of carbon (such as trees and other life forms) buried in the ground to prevent excessive carbon from being burned and escaping into the atmmosphere.
Energy Efficiency Solutions
Energy efficiency solutions reduce energy use in buildings, in transportations, and even in water and food. No tech, low tech and high tech solutions can help reduce or avoid energy use, especially energy that causes greenhouse gas and emissions.
Pollution Control Equipment
Pollution control equipment on equipment, appliances, vehicles and industrial processes can reduce health problems from air quality problems, water pollution, and even soil contaminants. We help you identify pollution reducing solutions.
Funding of Alternative Energy
Funding of alternative energy installations - for consumers -- and business startup - for commercial ventures, is a major factor in growth of renewable energy capacity. We help businesses and individuals spot solutions and opportunities.
Loan Guarantees for Alternative Energy
Loan guarantees for alternative energy can provide working capital for innovation and commercialization through government agencies such as the DOE and state REC programs.
Innovation of Alternative Energy
Innovation of alternative energy ranges from basic research to applied research, innovation of equipment and processes to installation and financial systems development. Opportunity for innovation has grown with policies addressing pollution, resource shortages and climate change.
Commercialization of alternative energy includes the infrastructure, the energy source, the supply chain and consumer demand generation. We help small businesses and communities find solutions for the value chain.
Training & Certification
Training and certification for job skills and career development in alternative energy sector include general skills, as well as specific compliance, technology and financing strategies that are unique to new technologies.
Commissioning - measuring the functioning level of equipment or systems - provides high savings value and ROI for alternative energy and building projects. We help you identify options and solutions
Battery Technologies to Store Energy
Battery technologies to store energy from distributed power generation are being commercialized to supplement the smart grid. Batteries can store energy for use at low-generation times, often called off-peak times.
Battery Technologies
Battery Technologies are critical to electric vehicle transportation as well as electronic devices. Innovation of battery technologies are a clean tech innovation and commercialization initiative.
Solar thermal
Solar thermal energy (STE) harnesses solar energy for thermal energy (heat) for hot water, energy generation or space heating. Solar thermal collectors are defined by the USA Energy Information Administration as low, medium, or high temperature solar thermal collectors.
Food Supply and Energy
Our food infrastructure is both Food Supply and Energy Supply. Plants form an organic infrastructure of soil quality, water retention and quality, as well as plant growth, harvest and food storage systems that are now also being tapped for energy generation. Innovation and constraint are needed - and we help you sort out potential solutions.
Hydraulic Hybrid
Hybrid vehicles use a combination of a gasoline engine and an alternative power plant. Hydraulic hybrids use many of the same principles as electric hybrids, but instead of using batteries, they use lightweight components and clean fluid to power the vehicle at slow speeds.
Hydraulic Hybrids
Hydraulic and pneumatic hybrid vehicles refer to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) combining internal combustion engines and electric motors to charge a pressure accumulator to drive wheels via hydraulic o compressed air. Hybrid power trains are used for diesel-electric or turbo-electric railway locomotives, buses, heavy goods vehicles, mobile hydraulic machinery, and ships.
Compressed Air
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) is a way to store energy generated at one time for use at another time. Another compressed air solution is vehicles: a compressed air car uses a motor powered by compressed air.
Tax Incentives
Tax incentives help fund research and development for innovative technologies that develop entire industries needed by communities to develop jobs, resources, and transfer of economic power multiple times in a community.
Renewable Portfolio Standards
Governments are gradually adopting "Renewable Portfolio Standards" to support and encourage development of renewable energy infrastructure at utility scale production. Renewable portfolios vary by government, but generally support solar, wind and geothermal renewable energy replacements for oil and coal, the energy sources that pollute the air with carbon particulate matter and increase heat that adds to climate and weather changes.
Purchasing agreements for Alternative Energy
Purchasing agreements for alternative energy can include energy efficiency as well as caps on prices, levels of service and other risk management features that can save on long term costs.
Alternative Energy Standards
Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards are regulations that require the increased production of energy from renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar.
Distributed generation
Distributed energy resources are small-scale power generation technologies ranging from 3 to 10,000 kW so they can be located close to homes or businesses to provide alternative or enhanced utilitiy electric power systems.
Net Metering
Net metering is an electricity purchasing policy by utility companies for consumers who own renewable energy facilities such as wind, solar power or home fuel cells and want to sell excess energy generation to the utility grid.
Interconnection of energy sources, transmission and usage is being engineered with the smart grid system.
Cogeneration of Alternative Energy
Cogeneration of alternative energy provides renewable energy near the place of use - and that reduces leakage and waste across the grid. Cogeneration solutions involve rates, technologies, management strategies and other solutions that are being developed for the new economy.
Alternative Energy Insurance
Alternative Energy Insurance applies to wind turbine projects, environmental jobs, as well as professional liability insurance to provide risk management for new technologies are implemented.
Renewable Fuels Standard
The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program regulations were developed in collaboration with refiners, renewable fuel producers, and many other stakeholders. The RFS program was created under the Energy Policy Act (EPAct) of 2005, and established the first renewable fuel volume mandate in the United States. As required under EPAct, the original RFS program (RFS1) required 7.5 billion gallons of renewable fuel to be blended into gasoline by 2012.
Research & Development Grants
Research & Development Grants for energy technologies, distribution, commercialization and conservation are largely funded by government agencies, through research labs and universities with collaborative outreach into high tech businesses
Utility Scale Green Energy Generation
Utility Scale Green Energy Generation provides the greatest efficiency -- not only will this reduce fossil fuels, but will optimize efficient generation, if not distribution.
Goods Movement
Goods movement for supply chains involves transportation, route optimization, warehousing, and compliance with green transportation, fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions standards. We help bring practical solutions for small business and community health to your attention.
Freight Trains / Rail
Freight trains and rail transport of goods and people can save fuel, especially when mass transit is combined with electric or hydraulic power systems.
Solar Thermal / Water Heating
Solar Thermal systems can be used as room heat, for water heating or to convert heat into energy. Some say solar thermal is the most economical of the solar power generation and efficiency systems ... we help you sort out options available for practical solutions.
Energy Security
Energy security is a national security issues as well as a company risk management and economics challenge as natural resources fluctuate in price and availability.
Research & Development
Wind research and development includes a wide variety of energy generation and transmission improvements including Blades, Certification, Components, Computer Modeling, Control Systems, Drivetrains, Dynamometer Testing, Emerging Applications, Manufacturing, Partnerships, Small Wind Turbines, Towers
Solar PV Generation
Solar PV electricity generation is the most advanced of the renewable energy sources, especially for small installations. But Solar PV as a practical solution is more complicated that it first appears -- you need a "solutions system" to make solar PV affordable and cost effective.
Passive Solar Solutions
Passive solar solutions optimize building design, siting and ventilation to take advantage of thermal breezes, shade, optimal sunlight and heat sinks. Passive solar has been used to thousands of years with cost effective results - we help you identify today's wide variety of solar solutions.
Fuel Cells
Fuel cells are a cutting edge renewable energy process being researched and commercialized for industrial, transportation and building energy and heat systems.
Events and Training
Alternative energy events and training provide renewable energy, energy conservation, energy efficiency and compliance expertise and networking. The human infrastructure complements the technology infrastructure.
Business Infrastructure
Alternative energy business infrastructure includes innovation, commercialization, finance, partnerships, incentive and compliance programs...and marketing, distribution and sourcing.

Biological Carbon Sequestration
Biological Carbon Sequestration includes 8% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that is temporarily converted into vegetation each year by photosynthesis. Animals contribute additional carbon dioxide processing. These natural systems form biological carbon sequestration.

California CAL Green Building Code
California CAL Green Building Codes adopted in 2010 put into effect many green building standards and processes to reduce climate change.
Calulators and Metrics
Calculators and Metrics help identify problems, develop specs for solutions, monitor progress, and measure results...for round TWO! Climate change uses many scientific datasets to identify key metrics for change and governance. We help you find the solutions that fit your application and scale.
Carbon Pollution

Certified Testing

Clean Energy
Clean Energy includes renewable energy such as solar, wind, geothermal, and processed energy sources such as hydrogen, natural gas and reclaimed heat from waste. The energy economy is being remodeled based on new science about waste, pollution, and climate change.
Clean Energy Economy

Climate Stabalization

Community Sustainability

Compliance & Regulation
Compliance & Regulation is a legal requirement for laws, licensing and regulatory guidelines, but can also be standards adopted by contract in supply chains. Metrics and monitoring become important parts of the new way of doing business.
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Cultural Costs
Cultural costs of climate change include loss of life, infrastructure destruction, biodiversity loss, and impact on every sector of community vitality - agriculture, economic, natural systems and pollution.


Ecosystem degradation
Ecosystem degradation solutions include smart growth strategies that reduce pollution and restore natural systems that provide clean air, fresh water, biodiversity and self-restoring natural systems.

EH&S Management
EH&S Management includes environmental, health and safety procedures.

Emergency Management

Emissions Reduction Tools

Environmental Management
Environmental Management includes regulatory oversight, change management, budgeting for environmental initiatives, and reporting CRS information.
EPA Emissions / Clean Air Act
EPA Emissions / Clean Air Act has impact on many operational and product design functions, as well as transportation, waste management and health care.
Family Sustainability


Geoengineering Solutions
Geoengineering Solutions is a drastic countermeasure considered to address devastating consequences of climate change--including sea level rise and an ice-free Arctic.
Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Green Economy

Hazardous Waste

Heat Waves

Heat Waves

High Tech Methods

Home Solutions
Home solutions for climate change affect your internal environment and our shared outdoor environment -- and that affects our costs, our health, and our enjoyment of life. Learn more about smart choices that lower your impact on climate and natural systems.
Human observation!


Insurance, Risk Management
Insurance has been used to develop high risk ventures without ecologically sound risk management. But insurance for innovative green and sustainable strategies has been lacking. This disconnect is gradually flipping as insurance companies calculate the true costs of global climate change disasters caused by traditional, high risk strategies.
Investment in climate change includes R&D, as well as energy efficiency, non-toxic chemicals and processes, as well as funding best practices and developing greener, more sustainable products and practices.

Natural Disasters

Natural Resources

Natural Resources


Office Solutions
Office solutions reduce costs, improve indoor air, reduce waste and make working more productive. We help you find practical green, sustainable solutions for your workday.
Organic waste

Proficiency Testing

Psychological & Messaging

Public Health

Quality Assurance


Risk Management


Smart Growth Communities



Species / Biodiversity

Supply Chain Management

Sustainability is both a science and practice of understanding long term impacts of today's decisions and actions. Sustainability planning and programs reduce waste of all kinds, and improves natural resources such as fresh water, clean air and local food production.
Sustainable Forestry
Sustainable forestry affects our sources of wood, paper, packaging and our everyday habitat - buildings, furniture, office furnishings ... and climate stability.
Systems Design





Solutions for Climate Change
Welcome...please explore our consumer and trade information that supports effective solutions for American homes, furniture businesses and our communities' wellbeing. Solutions For Furniture provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for furniture.
Sustainable Agriculture

Air Quality for Sustainable Communities

Brownfields & Sustainable Community
Brownfields are EPA designated contaminated land that requires remediation and cleanup. Sustainable community recovery of brownfields can reclaim industrial and urban lands by removing pollutants and redeveloping urban space with sustainable land management.
Calculators and Metrics for Sustainability

Compliance & Sustainability Reporting

Design and Development for Sustainability
Design and development for sustainability is a multi-disciplinary approach to choice of sites, materials, processes and ongoing operations to work WITH natural systems and strengthen their life-support value and functions.
Sustainability Education

Education and training
Sustainability education and training includes basic conservation, waste management, toxicity identification, renewable energy, health maintenance, and social connections.
Emissions Management

Energy Tax Incentives
Energy tax incentives come and go. Tax laws change to meet specific demands by specific niche markets - but energy incentives can be personal. You can learn to conserve, reuse, reduce, and optimize natural systems. Learn how...
Sustainable Energy Use
Sustainable energy use involves both quantity and quality and even appropriateness of energy resources management. Learn the specifics about home, commercial and community sustainable energy options...
Extreme Weather

Floriculture & Gardening

Food Sustainability
Food sustainability includes local food production using sustainable agriculture, proper nutrition, food testing for disease and contamination, and protection of heritage seeds and native species.
Food Sustainability
Food sustainability depends on waste reduction, transportation reduction, local biodiversity, water management, and heritage seed preservation to preserve the evolutionary genius of nature. Food security starts with your choices.
Food Production
Food production in homes is possible, and rewarding. Home food production adds freshness, flavor, organic and knowledge about essential food security issues. Home gardens, aquaculture, hydroponic, aeroponic and orchards are some of the many solutions for home food production and enjoyment.
Gardening for Sustainable Homes
Gardening for sustainable homes balances property value with water and energy conservation to improve community-wide value and quality of life. Here's how...
Global Green Revolution
Global green revolutions are remodeling how business, government and communities operate. Working WITH nature instead of against these natural systems optimizes natural functions such as water recycling and filtration, air filtration, food production and biodiversity systems.
Green Business Ideas
Green business ideas can be part-time, home-based, angel funded, venture funded, spin offs, family businesses, or personal productivity projects. What matters is that your green business works WITH the environment to preserve, restore, and replenish it's natural systems. And that you put food on the table in an honorable way. That's green.
Green Investment

Green Jobs for Sustainable Communities
Green jobs for sustainable communities can be local, global, and found throughout the supply chain of manufacturing, logistics, retail, government, and even families. Green jobs restore and protect natural systems to reduce global impact from pollution, heat, and loss of vital biodiversity.
Green Schools

Sustainable Health
Sustainable health principles are shared by all life, all species - quality habitat, food, air, water, shelter and community. Humans need these resources first and foremost - not recreation, not education, not electronics or travel. Basics come first.
Health Care for Sustainable Community
Health care for sustainable community starts with quality food, water, air and working conditions -- and continues with green health care facilities, non-toxic medications and therapies, and compassionate care for vulnerable populations of all species.
Hygiene Sustainability
Hygiene sustainability creates public health and includes cleanliness and care of personal health as well as community and ecosystem health and hygiene.
Job Training Catalog

Landfills & Alternatives
Landfills & alternatives help manage waste in the old economy. The new green economy sees "waste" as raw materials to be used again - metal, paper, plastic, fabric, etc can be reclaimed and reused or recycled.
Landscaping for Sustainability
Landscaping for sustainability is based on sustainable ecosystems that provide filtration for clean air, water storage distribution, food, shelter and somewhat stable weather conditions. Every plot of land can contribute to more than one of these infrastructure treasures. Learn how...
Sustainable Landscaping
Sustainable landscaping is "form following function" by providing essentials for health and well being - shade, conservation of resources, food, habitat for biodiversity, native plants and animal habitat, and beauty. Learn more...
Leadership for Sustainability

Leadership for Sustainable Community
Leadership for sustainable community connects family leadership with neighborhood, community, regional ecosystems, state, federal and global ecosystem management for sustainable natural systems to support human health and species biodiversity.
Measuring Sustainability
Measuring sustainability includes values clarification, ecosystem functionality, key metrics and how they meet goals and objectives. Learn more here...
Natural Resources Sustainability
Natural resources sustainability replenishes the biodiversity and essential materials life needs to survive and thrive. The earth has passed the tipping point at which it can replace what we are taking from the earth each year. Fresh water is decreasing. Food species are decreasing. Materials are being burned instead of replenishing the soil. Etc. Etc. Etc. Learn how to restore earth's natural systems with your daily choices and management practices.
Pollution Solutions
Pollution solutions include materials management, greener chemistry, reduction of "stuff", and an attitude of conservation of what matters most - clean air, fresh water, delicious nutritious food, and adequate habitat around the world for all species.

Renewable Energy for Sustainability
Renewable energy for sustainability is part energy conservation, part renewable feedstocks, and part local cogeneration.
Renewable Energy Generation

Renewable Utilities
Renewable utilities often refer to electricity and gas ... but truly sustainable renewable utilities are natural systems that filter our water, convert salt water into fresh water, grow food from soil and convert plant matter into protein. That's an infrastructure worth learning about...
Reuse Applications

Supply Chain Sustainability
Supply chain sustainability optimizes and green the use of resources such as transportation, fuel, warehousing, production and education of customers all along the supply chain. Learn more here...
Sustainable Businesses
Sustainable businesses provide practical local, regional and/or global solutions with green economy solutions. Information is increasingly being embedded in ALL products and services to make choice, conservation and compliance easier. That's the future of sustainable business development.
Sustainable Community
Sustainable community is ecosystem-based with biodiversity that provides natural systems such as food production, water filtration, materials for shelter, and interdependency that supports sustainable species survival and cross pollination of ideas and resources. That's sustainable.
Sustainable Crops

Sustainable Homes
Sustainable homes provide health benefits from clean indoor air quality, conservation of resources, quality outdoor light, and pleasant habitat for rest, recreation and community.
Sustainable Natural Systems

Sustainable Planet

Sustainable Soil Management

Green & Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Transportation
Sustainable transportation includes public transportation, shared transport, smart logistics, local sourcing, renewable fuels and proper maintenance and driving behaviors. Learn more about greener, more sustainable transport and transportation systems that limit impact on the environment and support strong local economies.
Sustainable Wastewater Management
Sustainable wastewater management works WITH nature and not AGAINST it's water flow patterns, natural filtration with plants and soil, and natural infiltration with vegetation. Learn more about natural and sustainable water management to prevent and treat waste water and recycled water.
Waste Management
Waste management reduces tipping fees, recycles valuable materials for reuse, reduces greenhouse gases, and saves money -- what more could you ask for?
Water Conservation & Sustainable Use
Water conservation & sustainable use of ground water involves water quality and water quantity. Using water for cheap transport of waste isn't sustainable - and polluting water with toxic chemicals from vehicles, prescriptions and agricultural chemicals also destroy water usability.
Sustainable Water Use
Sustainable water use replenishes the natural water supply and hydrologic system with clean water - all pollutants and toxic substances removed. Learn more about water conservation, water quality and water innovations ...
Sustainable Water Use

Weatherization and energy efficiency saves money and saves energy resources through insulation, shade, ventilation and smart lighting strategies. Learn more here...
Well Being
Well being for people starts with healthy homes and habitat that provides quality food, water and air. Sustainable communities provide this well being infrastructure.

Solutions For Sustainability provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for our sustainable future.
Green Chemistry Research
Green chemistry research is in its early stages with standards just now getting the attention of governments and corporations involved with clean air, clean water and soil health -- as well as human health and environmental systems sustainability.

Product ingredients

Consumer Issues

Workplace Green Chemistry

Green Job Training

Green Schools

IPM Integrated Pest Management

Cleaning Products


Synthetic Chemicals



Green Healthcare

Process Improvement

Purchasing Options


Recycle Materials

Waste Management

Clean Air Act

Clean Water Act

Toxic Substances Control Act

Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Ac


Federal Hazardous Materials Transportation Law (HA



Health and Human Services (HHS)

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Shipping hazardous materials

Postal mail & shipping


Nature's Chemicals

UC Berkeley School of Pubic Health





Green Businesses

UC Berkeley Institute of the Environment

Genetic research




NPDES permit effluent limitations


Biobased products

Brownfields Cleanup

Brownfields Reclamation

Sustainable Agriculture


Ozone Depletion Alternatives

Refrigration & Air Conditioning

Ozone Depletion Substitutes

EPA DfE - Design for the Environment


Cool Roofs

Energy Efficiency

Carnegie Mellon Univ

California Green Chemistry Initiative

Education & Training
Green education and training are now including acknowledgment and modules on green chemistry in product elements, processes, consumer use, and end of life impact.

College Programs

Online Courses


Learning from Nature


Chemicals in products

Green chemistry alternatives

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Green Building

USDA Forest Products Lab

Benign by Design

California Green Chemistry Initiative

European Union REACH Initiative

California AB 1879

TSCA Toxic Substances Control Act

Air Quality

Solutions for Green Chemistry
Solutions for Green Chemistry provides information on sustainable value in selecting, buying, and caring for healthier home and workplace environments.
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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.

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Each section on this website contains articles and sub-sections to help you discover solutions that fit your interests. Drill down...and learn how to save money, improve quality, and enjoy the beauty and function of a sustainable home and workplace.

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Carolyn Allen, Our Editor

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